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"M Flow Entertainment established to support and promote the capable young generation to have an opportunity to show their abilities, music creations and performance. Our company specialize in K-pop and Korean Drama.we have been producing several Music Video such as ""Tiny G"" and ""Mintty"" and Thai boyband & girl group including online series named ""With Love The Series"" that on air exclusively on Line TV Channel​ company experience Music Video ​ - Music Video ""Already go lady"" Mintty​ - Music Video ""Only one"" Tiny GM feat. Natthew ​ - Music Video ""Burn it Out"" Deluxe​ - Music Video ""Thank You"" Mintty​ ​ Online Series​ - With Love The Series รักต่อไม่รอเเล้วนะ (Line TV exclusive)​ ​ Artist Development​ -วง Deluxe (Thai & Korean Band)​ -พัฒนาศักยภาพนักเเสดง เรื่อง With Love The Series รักต่อไม่รอเเล้วนะ​ ​ ​"

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Second Chance The Series จังหวะจะรัก

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